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Ok be honest how many times have you said it’s easier to do it youself than to have to teach someone?  Now tell me how many of you are overworked and unable to get everything done and feeling overwhelmed etc?


Then there is the issue of the money; you can’t afford to hire anyone right now. Do you have a CPA, lawyer, IT person, or web support?  Most of us do because that is not our area of expertise.  Do you turn to a plumber, electrician, cleaning service, or car repair?  I can go on but I won’t belabor the point. If you enjoy gardening and painting by all means do it that’s not the issue here, but here is something to ponder


If you can earn $100/hour or more doing your work why would you waste time doing errands and busy work that you could pay someone to do at $10/hour?  Chellie Campbell ( talks about getting more marketing and selling done while someone is cleaning her house.


What is the priority for your business?  Learning to delegate repetitive tasks that others can do or paying someone for proficiency you don’t have nor do you have time to learn just makes good business sense.  Focus on your expertise; that’s where the money is.


As to hiring people they come in all price categories it’s up to you to find the best person for the best price for your budget and your business.  Whether virtual or in person there are a lot of support people out there.  There are even free interns.  Free is one of my favorite 4 letter words after paid.  High schools have ROP programs.


Just think by hiring others not only are you freeing your time to make more money but you are boosting the economy by giving others money to buy things.  Very smart!!!