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Consult Now and Save

When will we learn to ask for help before it’s too late?  Corporations make sure they allocate budgets to getting advice from the experts yet smaller businesses think it’s a luxury. It’s not!

In the 15 years I have been in business I have watched companies come and go and the one universal to success is having consultants or business advisors.

Earlier this year I compared advisors, consultants and coaches, and I know the old line about advice. (I’ll be nice and not use it here but if you don’t know it, e-mail me)   We are not omnipotent or all knowing we need to ask questions and get information form experts so we can make sound decisions.  We do that with our finances or legal information ( I hope) yet for some reason people get foolish when it comes to their businesses.

Consultants, besides ideally having a depth of business knowledge in a given area, are objective.  They can see where there may be problems if something isn’t added, deleted, or changed.  As a consultant on the key foundation elements of businesses at any stage, I can ask the right questions to determine where the issues are and what the best remedies are.  I can make suggestions and comments that employees are often unaware of, plus I have resources that can assist. As the business owner or key person describes a problem, I can help clarify the issue which often saves time and money.

We have all made mistakes in business, including me, but why not spend a little now to save a lot later?   I met with one prospect who is laying off people instead of doing a SWOT to analyze potential markets and reassessing their target.  I was told they couldn’t afford me but instead have spent 3 times my fee by attending generic seminars and creating inappropriate advertising.  They never even asked what I charge.  I hope they stay in business they are nice people.

Get ongoing consulting advice now to keep your business on the path to growth