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We now offer e-books on business basics.The 1st few are now listed under products. They teach you the foundational nutrients you need to succeed in business and have your business grow and flourish. The books cover whether you should start a business, business plans, target marketing, planning, hiring, compliance and much more.


Training Solutions now has a fan page on facebook and a blog on tumblr & wordpress.

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Strictly Business Tele-class for An Empowered Woman  4th Thursday January- November ( 3rd Thursday in Nov.)   http://www.blogtalkradio.com/an-empowered-woman/2011/05/27/strictly-business-who-is-your-mentor

Interesting Articles:

TPE The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur is a fun and fascinating blog with lots of good tips.  I am often  included in it. www.toiletpaperentrepreneur.com/blog  Add it to your blog list.

Five things before you hire a consultant.

Video on the value of Consultants/coaches.

Great video on passion and goals.

Key Topic Areas for Today

Management Development Often talked about and today more than ever a necessity that impacts retention and succession.

Social Networking How can you use it for hiring or networking?  How can it impact customer satisfaction?

Gen Y Is there really a difference in values of generations or is it just behavior? 

Talent Management Have you strategically planned your succession as baby boomers retire? It is projected that over 4 million jobs will be unfilled in 2008. 7 million federal workers are eligible to retire in 2008.  Is your organization ready?

Knowledge Management How will you ensure that you will not lose the intellectual capital as people retire?  Ask about our MENTORING  programs.

Successful companies know  that in times of uncertainty they must be aggressive instead of pulling back. In this way they are well positioned for the recovery.  For more information ask about the article by Gene Siciliano,  

Basic skills: While the media lists companies who are laying off staff, successful companies know they must deliver those programs that will encourage improved performance at all levels.  ASK about our supervisory, leadership, business writing and customer service programs, that many companies are requesting.

With the increase in non-English speaking employees it is important to have resources who can deliver accurate legal information respectful of cultural differences.  Ask about the Hispanic resources available. 

Sub-contracting the right way is just as important as finding the right match between internal and external practitioners.  Learn the questions to ask and consider.  Ask Harriet Cohen about the program she delivered at an ASTD special division.  She is still getting calls about the subject, asking how to handle various situations. 

Assessments: So many are out there and sometimes it gets confusing which are best for which situation.  Training Solutions can offer a wide range of assessments from 360 to MBTI, also available are SDI, Inscape, and others, including axiometrics. Just ask...

e-learning.  Is your IT department running your company?  Are you afraid to show what you don't know about e-learning? It isn't the panacea and it doesn't fit every situation, but it is not as scary as some think.



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