What Clients Say

Save money as well as make it

Hiring you is the best business decision I EVER made.  You have helped me save money in the business . . . as well as make it!  People can't afford NOT to work with you!

Julie Harvey
Founder, TheSpacemasters.com


Invest in your business and yourself

Laura Gross believes EVERYONE that has their own business or is starting a business NEEDS a solid business coach. After working w/ Harriet Cohen of Training Solutions, my business has only increased!!! Thank you Harriet! This is BY FAR the BEST investment I have made so far on my business and myself!!!

Laura Gross
President, nononoyes Inc


Exemplary Consulting

"The consulting services provided by Harriet Cohen and her staff were exemplary. Given the difficulty of the subject matter they took time to carefully understand the dynamics of the organization by conducting focus groups and individual interviews with staff. A comprehensive, well thought out report was then provided. It identified and discussed issues, and showed the training staff what
they would need to improve their teambuilding and customer service skills."

Corey Creasey
Section Manager - Procurement
Orange County Transportation Authority


Outstanding support.. met the challenge..

"I want to express my appreciation for the outstanding support to our acquisitions teams here at the Air Force's Space and Missile Systems Center. Over the last four years, we have seen many teams' performance improve, both for functional teams and product teams. Offices have been transformed in meeting their missions. In once case, the larger organization received an Outstanding rating from the Inspector General from Meterial Command. You have met the challenge of facilitating teams in a complex government and industry procurement environment, quickly getting up to speed and being flexible with great team variations."

Dorset E. Higdon, Jr., Lt. Col. USAF
Chief, IPT Purchasing


Exceptional Staff.. well planned program

"I had a such great time at Rancho Calamigos. Your staff was exceptional and your program well planned. The entire Network team at SMC/MT is enthusiastically pursuing the goals which were set during the offsite."

Monica L. Rodriguez
Network Consultant
Interaccess Corp


 Found the way to save the day...

"Thank you for leading our Board Officers' Retreat ... we began the retreat with all the excitement of having the best deck chairs on the Titanic. By the end of the day, you had assisted us in finding the life preservers ... improved our swimming skills... and sailing a course far south of the icebergs."

Curtis M. Roe
Training Manager
 Las Vegas Hilton


 On target program with positive evaluations

"Your presentation titled 'Is Anyone Listening' was right on target with our membership. the value to our membership was demonstrated by the overwhelmingly positive evaluations."

Arnie Netka
Port of Los Angeles Director of Purchasing

California Association of 
Public Purchasing Officers, Inc.


Perfect presentation

"Your presentation yesterday on the Mental Models section of the Fifth Discipline was perfect! The feedback this morning as well as last night is all positive."

Steve Smith
ASTD-LA Sales and Marketing Director

Improved performance as a trainer

With your light-hearted approach and your 50 tips and techniques tailored to my needs as a trainer, you made one life breathe a little easier-mine.  Thank you for your coaching. Applying your techniques improved my performance as a trainer

Cathy Barkataki
Educational consultant

Making communcation work

Congrats on another very successful presentation! We really enjoyed it and will put the information into practice

Joyce Chan, M.A.
Business Counselor Asian Pacific Islander Small Business Program
Chinatown Service Center

Listened 1st.. designed what was needed.. fully prepared

I want to take his opportunity to thank you for all the work you have done for Scherzer International; from our initial request to refine our hiring process, to the management training program, to coaching Stacey, to facilitating our reporting project. 
You listened to us before taking action, designed a program that was truly needed, appeared for your work fully prepared and on-time, and provided feedback and follow-up. In addition it is apparent to all of us, you know your stuff.
I look forward to having you coach two more managers and continuing to assist us with our reporting program and other projects.
It has been a pleasure working with you.

Roy Brown
Scherzer International

Off the chart evaluations

Honest to god, woman!  Your evaluations were off the chart.  You are one of the first people who rated all 5's plus a couple of 5+ on a scale of 1-5, 5 being best!  What on earth went on in that room?
We would like to invite you to be a featured speaker at other Super-Conferences.

Chere Estrin
CEO Estrin Legal Ed




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