Training Solutions projects

Samples of projects completed since 1995

Completed a 5 year project with the U S Air Force based in El Segundo, CA.  We facilitated cross-functional teams comprised of Air Force personnel and their contractors to enable them to define and achieve goals Training Solutions provided 10 expert facilitators to work with over 30 teams on and off the base.

Assisted a manufacturing organization to redefine job classifications from 30 to 10.  Created criteria for competencies that were linked to pay increases.  Received full approval of the union. 3 experts were involved

Provided a customer service expert with extensive experience in health care to design and deliver a program to a health care provider.

 Coached over 500 people in career strategies/ transitions

 Designed and delivered over 30 programs in team     

          building to a public utility.

Began a three year project with multiple experts, designing and developing introductory and advanced supervisory skills for a county entity

Designed performance measures, and delivered training for a not for profit program, which was documented in a professional journal.

Reformatted training materials for a 5 day offsite program, which creates the opportunity for multiple trainers to deliver the program while maintaining uniformity and consistency.

 Provide one to one coaching on time management.

 Began teambuilding program for not for profit initially 

         focusing on strategic direction


 Expanded management training programs to multiple           

         departments within Los Angeles County


 Designed and delivered customer service program to refine            practices and deal with difficult customers.


 Designed and delivered modules to improve self     

           management of time, projects and delegation.


Delivered compliance programs for Los Angeles County                 Departments including sexual harassment, discrimination, ADA, and diversity.


Created mentor program with 22 pairs that sustained the year and  won accolades from "C" level


Consulted with small businesses developing business strategic and marketing plans


Refined Job classifications for medium sized financial company to reduce turnover


Delivered keynote and break out sessions at professional conferences focusing on change management and management skills

Prime consultant for over 30 small businesses in Los Angeles/Ventura  area receiving several awards for successes businesses achieved in growth

These are but a few of the many programs Training Solutions has successfully provided to clients.  In every situation the individual or team of experts is selected to assist the client to achieve their goals.  With each successive year we have expanded our network of expert consultants, each of whom is continuously honing their skills to assure the highest level of performance for each client.

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