Why Training Solutions Works

  • A corporate client had a sales team that had lost their drive.  After a one day program and follow up they were excited, unified, and back on track and most importantly having fun and making more money.

  • A client was stuck thinking she couldn't achieve the money and fame she dreamed of.  In one year she doubled her income, wrote a book and is on a national speaking tour.

  • Because of the team development program created for an Air Force program office, they received an "outstanding" from the inspector general, which is the highest accolade  they could receive and the colonel became a general.

  • A company grew from 10 to almost 100 employees but they didn't have systems in place and needed to develop managers.  Their hiring process was refined to improve the quality of new hires and reduce turnover.  Additionally their managers learned the skills they needed to develop their staff and a succession plan was created.

  • A small business making over a million dollars needed a trusted advisor to help them grow and avoid costly mistakes.  They set and achieved many of their year end goals including financial and staffing.  They created procedures and job descriptions and continue to increase revenue

  • Target marketing is a concept that is a necessity but many businesses have difficulty defining.  Everyone of our consulting/advising clients knows how to define the their target and has saved money on advertising and attracting customers.

  • A client needed to learn how to start a business create the planning and get their 501c3 status. Today after 2 years  the client is international.

  • A company wanted a mentoring program which was so successful that all 22 pairs stayed for the 1 year duration and was endorsed by the CEO to continue 

  • It costs 3 times a yearly salary every time a new person is hired. All of our clients are taught how to follow a process that is effective from job descriptions to interviewing process to development from day one.  Every time each client  is excited about the positive impact on recruitment and retention.

Training Solutions works with start-ups to mature businesses, small to corporate making sure they have the foundational nutrients necessary to enable them to grow and flourish. We provide consulting, training, speaking, and ongoing development and strategic  programs.

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